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Steering Committee

Steering Committee Members are passionate about creating a sustainable pipeline of development leaders to sustain Colorado’s vibrant nonprofit community. As leaders in the development field, members have a deep understanding of the profession. We seek a diverse committee reflective of our vibrant nonprofit community. We also value ensuring both the alumni and larger community are represented.

Chair and Vice-Chair

Tami Vinson, ILD '13
Chair, Steering Committee  
Mackintosh Academy

Jeslin Shahrezaei, ILD '15
Vice Chair, Steering Committee
Mile High Youth Corps   


DeAnn Acosta*
Chair, Curriculum Committee
AFP Colorado Chapter

Nicole Adair, ILD '09
Vice Chair, Donor Relations

Kristin Aslan
Chair, Capstone Project
Aaron Ciszek, ILD '11
Regional Representative
Vail Health

Amy Daly, ILD '14
Chair, Communications
NextFifty Initiative

Mary Eisenstein, ILD '15
Chair, Selection
Anchor Center for Blind Children

Julia Hughes, ILD '13
Chair, Mentor Program
Colorado Youth of a Change

Ann Irving
Immediate Past Chair

Leslie Karotkin
At-Large, Communications
Karotkin Consulting

Tonya Kelly, ILD '15
Vice Chair, Selection
University of Denver

Michael McGuire
DU Liaison
University of Denver University College 

Dan Mooney
Chair, Donor Relations
History Colorado

Andrea Pacheco, ILD '20
Vice Chair, Communications
Conservation Colorado

Gloria Jara Price, ILD '14
Vice Chair, Curriculum Committee
Schlessman Family Foundation

Elizabeth Prutch
At-Large Member
Colorado Nonprofit Association

Brittny Wilson, ILD '16
Vice Chair, Capstone Project
Brittny Wilson Consulting 

Savannah Wippel, ILD '15
Chair, Alumni Relations
Anchor Center for Blind Children

Emeritus Members

Jen Roe Darling
Children's Hospital Colorado Foundation

Bonnie Downing 

Ex-Officio Members
Sarah Stockton
Program Director
University of Denver


Sarah Stockton
Program Director

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