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Capstone Project

Each ILD participant completes a capstone project during the year and presents that project to a panel of local experts during the last class session. Participants select their own capstone topic and design a presentation based on personal career goals or current professional challenges at their organization. In their projects, participants should address issues identified through the program’s core curriculum and be able to articulate how the ILD experience informed their work on the capstone project.  

“...I used my capstone to create a corporate giving program along with donor recognition packages. From the capstone meetings with fundraising experts, I learned so much about this role. I do not know how long it would have taken me to get to this point without ILD.” --ILD Participant

Class of 2013

Institute for Leaders in Development at University of Denver | University Hall 301 2197 S. University Blvd. Denver Colorado 80208 | ildcolorado@gmail.com 

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